Hello and welcome to SonRise Church. We currently meet every Sunday at 10:00am at Kumanacho Community Center 40-9 Kumanacho, Itabashi Ku, Tokyo. We are 5 minutes by train from Ikebukuro on the Tobu Tojo line.

SonRise Church commenced in 2009. Our desire is to worship the Creator God and to demonstrate His love to the people of inner Tokyo. We want to grow in our relationship with God and with one another.

Our church is a community which seeks to function as a loving family, supporting and encouraging each other. We want to reflect the joy of being in a relationship with the living God. We also want to reach out to one another and our community with acts of compassion. Our heart’s desire is to see Tokyo, as well as the nation of Japan, transformed by the love of God.

SonRise Church is a place where all are welcome. We worship, pray, share together and study God’s Word (the Bible) in an informal environment where you can feel relaxed. We enjoy a time of fellowship over a cup of coffee and snacks at the end of each service. We would love to have you join us at SonRise Church.こんにちは、サンライズ教会へようこそ!現在私たちは毎週日曜日午前10時より東京都板橋区にある熊野町地域センター(住所:東京都板橋区熊野町40−9)にて集会をもっています。サンライズ教会は2009年に始まりました。私たちの願いは造り主である神様を礼拝し、その神様の愛を東京の人々へ現し示していくことです。私たちは神様とお互いとの関係を大切にし、家族のように互いを愛し、支え、励ましあうことを目指しています。また私たちは、生ける神様とともに歩むことの喜びを反映し、さらにお互いや地域に仕えることを通して愛を実行していきたいと思っています。私たちの願いは東京、日本の国が神様の愛によって変えられていくことです


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